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The Doyenne Group’s mission is to support women as they: 1)  develop themselves as entrepreneurs, 2) found and build their ventures, and 3) engage more fully in the broader entrepreneurial community.

Through our monthly meetings, learning groups, retreats, and other special events, we design social spaces where women can talk with each other about their experiences, get greater clarity on who they are and what they do as entrepreneurs, and push themselves outside their comfort zone as they work to build ventures that have impact.

We are committed to challenging women (including ourselves) to reach our fullest potential as entrepreneurs and leaders in our communities.  The world can settle for nothing less!  (And, yes, there is finally a place where you won’t be the only woman in the room!)

Check out our Calendar to find upcoming events sponsored by The Doyenne Group.  


Meet the founders of The Doyenne Group:  

Heather Wentler & Amy Gannon

Heather Wentler is the Founder of Fractal, a program created to bridge connections for math, science, and technology through Project-Based and Challenged-Based Learning techniques for school-aged participants. Through fun, creative and engaging projects, Fractal builds self-esteem, teamwork, and confidence in participants for their future educational experiences. Heather organizes Madison SOUP, an event for local citizens to share a meal, and at the same time pool our resources toward an effort that will create a positive impact on the Madison community. She also works for Filament Games, is on the Playful Learning Advisory Board, a current a member of Capital Entrepreneurs, and is the Secretary & Treasurer of Sector67.

Heather graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a BA in Middle Childhood-Early Adolescence Education. While she never thought she would become an entrepreneur, Heather has found joy and satisfaction through her endeavors and enjoys working will all members of the Madison community.

To contact Heather please send emails to: heather@thedoyennegroup.com


Amy Gannon is an Assistant Professor of Management and Faculty Director of the Internship and Career Development programs in the School of Business at Edgewood College.  She teaches courses on entrepreneurship and organizational behavior, and directs a practicum program in which student teams do semester-long projects with local non-profit organizations.  In addition, Amy works with new and aspiring entrepreneurs as they found and grow their ventures. She is also on the advisory board of Malawi Women’s Health, a non-profit dedicated to improving the quality of life for Malawian women.

Amy has BA in International Studies and Economics from The American University, a MBA from Boston College, and a Doctorate of Business Administration in Organizational Behavior from Boston University.  Prior to becoming educator, she worked in government, non-profit and private sector organizations.  She lives in Madison with her husband and two young children.

To contact Amy please send emails to: amy@thedoyennegroup.com


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